Surfers Path Marathon!

For anyone who read my 35 before 35 list, you’ll see right there at the top of the list at #1 was Run a Marathon.  I’ve been an off and on runner my whole life.  I ran cross-country and track competitively, was a dutiful team captain and then when high school ended, so did my running career, or at least for a bit.  I just stopped running.


But then a year or 2 later I decided I would just start running again and so I did.  And so it has gone in a cycle like that ever since high school.  I get really into running and then suddenly I’m done, but I always hate that I quit after I do which is why I added to make exercise a habit in my lifestyle again to my list and to Run a Marathon.  I think running a marathon is on almost every runner’s todo list… just to know that they can do it, to accomplish it in life and not just in their brain… thinking or saying, I know I could….  Plus, I knew that if I signed up for a marathon, there would be no way around running.  You can’t just wake up one day and run a marathon, you have to prep for it.

I might have weaseled my way out of this one still if my crazy cousin who has a lifelong bucket list item to run a marathon in every state hadn’t convinced me to pick one out with her and sign up.  So we did!  We chose the Surfers Path Marathon in Santa Cruz, California which was absolutely gorgeous.  It was however a fairly low-key race without a big expo and whatnot so my cousin thinks I need to run another one to get the ‘full’ experience.  I’m not opposed.

So I did it!  Not only did I finish, but I beat my goal and had an overall time of 4:25:39  (My goal was under 4 1/2 hours). That’s a 10:08 minute mile pace for 26.2 miles!  And I know I could do better next time cause my last 2 miles were cooking. 😉

Surfer's Path marathon finisher

At the finish line with my cheering squad.

My poor brother broke his foot right before our trip so he was hobbling around like that the whole time.  We also made time to check out the nearby redwoods and take advantage of my brother’s Wine Director job to head to Ridge Vineyards for a private tasting!

Standing inside a redwood.

Standing inside a redwood.

At the top of the 'ridge' of Ridge Vineyards.

At the top of the ‘ridge’ of Ridge Vineyards.

So… I can officially cross Run a Marathon off the list.  But there are still a lot more items to go and less than 2 full months left.  It may end up being 35 before 35.5.  We will see….

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