Stitch Fix Review – January 2016

When I received my February box early I realized that maybe it’s time to finish up this January Stitch Fix review and get it posted before I start trying on new goodies!!!  If you haven’t noticed a pattern, I’m a little behind these days.  But it’s because there are big things on the horizon. 😉

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really fun personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and then the system matches you with a stylist who hand selects 5 items to ship to you however often you want.  You can schedule just one fix or sign up for automatic fixes.  I schedule mine monthly.  I definitely recommend it.  So fun!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep bringing you content like this!

On to the good stuff!!

Doe & Rae Darrington Mixed Media Asymmetrical Knit Top – $58

This is not a top I ever would have picked out for myself at the store especially for the price and even when I pulled it out of the box, my mind went… NOPE.  However, I put it on and it was soooo flattering! And it was comfortable!


I decided it was worth the price as it would be a staple piece for future outfits.  Jeans?  Yep, it goes with that as seen above.  Galaxy leggings and leather jacket for a Marilyn Minter art gallery show as seen below??  Yep, it goes with that.  The pencil skirt I got from Stitch Fix back in September?  Yep…. IT GOES WITH THAT.  STATUS: Kept.


Dreamers – Puerta Pointelle Detail Cowl Neck Pullover – $68

I had been asking my stylist Katy for an oversized sweater for ages and she finally found one!  I loved the feel of this sweater and the pointelle knit details.  However, I’m cursed with long arms and a long torso therefore this oversized sweater was not only not oversized there, but too short.  I knew the sleeves would bug me and the fact that it was kinda just regular sweater length on me but wide was awkward as well.


I considered keeping it until I saw these pictures and saw how much bigger it made me look than I actually am.  Curse my windmill arms and torso.  STATUS: Returnedstitch-fix-dreamers-pointelle-cowl-oversize-sweater

Skies are Blue – Cyrus Button Front Mixed Material Cardigan – $54

I had millions of floral bomber jackets pinned on my Pinterest style board and Stitch Fix hadn’t had any of them in stock.  So Katy finally found this floral cardigan to try to satisfy my Pinterest obsession.

stitch-fix-skies-are-blue-cyrus-floral-cardigan-front stitch-fix-skies-are-blue-cyrus-floral-cardigan

However, I don’t really like the cut of traditional cardigans and I might have neglected to tell Katy that I gave in and bought a floral bomber jacket from Fabletics the month before.  STATUS: Returned

Skies are Blue – Vernetta Dress – $58

Once again Pinterest made this dress happen and Katy obviously does a great job of paying attention to my Pinterest board.  I’d been pinning all kinds of shirt dresses and she commented on that in her note.  I really liked the fit of this dress and the print of the fabric.  I could see wearing this dress all summer.


However, it had an embroidery detail on it that I felt didn’t match up with the style of the dress for me.  Instead of embroidery directly onto the dress, it was a pre-fab embroidered ribbon and it just cheapened the whole look for me.  Plus it threw off the whole basic look of the outfit for me.  I knew it would keep me from grabbing it when I was perusing the closet.  STATUS: Returned

stitch-fix-january-skies-are-blue-vernetta-dress-front stitch-fix-january-skies-are-blue-vernetta-dress

Zad – Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff – $28

I thought this piece was super fun and simple.  I don’t wear a lot of gold so I didn’t already have any gold bracelets.  And the price was great so this was a no brainer. STATUS – Kept


And look how cute the print on the fabric of that dress was!!  I wish it didn’t have the little embroidered ribbon!!  ugh!  Overall I really loved this fix.  There were a lot of close calls and fit issues.  I also feel like keeping (AND LOVING) 2 new items out of 5 sent to me by a stranger who has never met me is pretty incredible.  I love this service and getting a new box of surprises each month!  Thanks Katy!!  If you want to try out Stitch Fix, please use my referral link so I can keep bringing you new reviews! :)

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