Stitch Fix Review – February 2016

Ok, coming at you with back to back reviews because I’ve got 2 more sets of pictures to show you and a new fix coming on Friday!! AAHHHH!!!  No, this is not because I’m scheduling a fix every week and need to be cut off. It is because I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realize 3 months had passed by without me updating my blog!  So…. here goes.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really fun personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and then the system matches you with a stylist who hand selects 5 items to ship to you however often you want.  You can schedule just one fix or sign up for automatic fixes.  I schedule mine monthly.  I definitely recommend it.  So fun!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep bringing you content like this!

So let’s check out the clothes!

RD Style – Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho – $68

My stylist Katy definitely knows my weak points and one of those is a great poncho. All the ones I have already though are fun patterns so to see a black one in my fix got me so excited!!  So I’m sure I surprised both of us when it didn’t live up to my poncho dreams.


Sure it’s big, flowy, cozy, and an instant statement piece… all the things I adore about ponchos.  However there were a few design details that I’m sure other people love that just weren’t quite doing it for me.  First, there is a false sleeve underneath the poncho.  This is really nice as most ponchos don’t have a sleeve and therefore aren’t actually quite warm enough for a Colorado winter, but I didn’t like how it was 2 separate pieces.  I wish it either hadn’t been there or had been connected as one.

stitch-fix-february-rd-style-calandra-side-button-poncho-galaxy-leggings stitch-fix-february-rd-style-calandra-side-button-poncho

Secondly, the neckline was an overlapping v-neck type  and I wasn’t quite a fan of the way it sat while on.  Plus I like ponchos to be a little more casual than I thought the neckline felt.  Overall I just decided it wasn’t quite for me. Sorry for the galaxy legging repeat!  I’ve been living in these things.  Also, note to self, polish your boots… or buy a new pair. STATUS: Returned.

41 Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest – $68

I had seen this vest on lots of other people and was so excited to see if in my fix!  I think it’s a great wardrobe staple to have a classic vest that can go with anything.


I thought it looked so cute with my Kut from the Kloth flares (also from this fix – see below) and Long Sleeve flowy feathers top.  However, I couldn’t find anything else in my closet that it looked good with which made my dreams of the classic wardrobe staple disappear from my vision.  And it wasn’t the color… I LOVED the light gray color and the rose gold zipper. Such a fun detail!!


It was the fact that it fit kinda boxy on me.  I really think that maybe I should have sized down (surprising to me cause this is a small) but I was worried about it being too small in the chest if I did.  Plus, the real thing that bothered me was that the pockets seemed to be in a strange placement.  See it zipped up below?


I’m one of those people who definitely uses pockets.  Think Talladega Nights, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” like uses my pockets.  Plus I hate gloves.  Anyway, when I put my hands in these pockets, it felt like I was having to hold my hands up too high to make them fit.  And the pockets were too far apart.  I was worried that if I switched for an XS, that problem would only get worse.  So with a heavy heart it was…. STATUS: Returned.

Street Level Noah Braided Handle Canvas Tote – $58

What an awesome bag.  I loved the option of the regular handles (still long enough to wear on your shoulder) and the cross-body strap.  I bike to work as much as possible and a cross-body strap is almost a must have. Katy, my stylist knows this.  It also had plenty of compartments so that the small things don’t get lost like they do in a tote.


Once again though there is a but…. But, it just wasn’t my colors.  The bag is actually a little more olive than in the picture here and I don’t wear much brown, let alone light brown.  I told Katy that I was sorry for accidentally faking her out by styling the shirt dress from my January fix with a brown jacket and brown boots considering the boots were a gift and the jacket was a hand me down and I have only worn each once.


And no matter how cute the bag was especially with the outfit, I think my face says it all in this picture.  It just wasn’t… ME.  If it had been black with gray straps? Heck yes.  Teal with black straps? Even better.  I’m just not an earth tones person.  STATUS: Returned.

Kut from the Kloth – Goldie Flare Jean – $88

So by now you’ve seen these jeans a lot, but never hurts to let them shine!  I already have these jeans in another wash but I love them so much that I asked Katy to send me another pair of flares.  These just fit perfect and are so comfy.


They are long on me but perfect length with my Toms wedges (in the pic). STATUS: Kept.

Adelyn Rae – Wilma Crepe Romper – $98

This was Katy’s answer to my request for a shirt dress since they didn’t have any in stock that she thought I would like.  I thought it was super fun.


It just so happened to be a warm and sunny February day in Fort Collins when we took these pictures which was amazing, but my legs are still pasty winter white. haha.  Anyway, the color of this romper just screams Spring!  And I thought it looked super cute from the front.  I wasn’t crazy about the view from the back though (picture not available hahaha).  I have some curves in that department and I felt like it was a little too fitted.


Secondly, this romper is $98.  I mean, the fabric is really nice and I’m not saying that it’s not worth $98 but most of the time when I’m wearing a romper it’s when I’m gardening, running around town or sitting on the patio.  I felt like this romper deserved a home that was worthy of it… someone who would take it on the beach in Miami and strut their stuff.  STATUS: Returned.


So this fix for me was a 1/5 as they say in my Stitch Fix Facebook Group, but dang do I love those flares.  And so many of the other items are almost perfect but not quite.  I might have kept them if I hadn’t asked myself the question I try to ask myself each time, would I buy this if I tried it on in a store.  Still I had a lot of fun trying on new things and sharing them with you!   If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep sharing fun reviews!

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