Stitch Fix Review – December 2015


Stitch Fix Review – December 2015

Ok.  Yep, it’s January and I’m posting a review for December.  December was crazy and I guess there wasn’t any rush to get pictures taken, because SPOILER ALERT: I kept it all!!

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really fun personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and then the system matches you with a stylist who hand selects 5 items to ship to you however often you want.  You can schedule just one fix or sign up for automatic fixes.  I schedule mine monthly.  I definitely recommend it.  So fun!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep bringing you content like this! So… let’s check out all the amazing goodies they sent me this month!

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Tee in Gray

I had told my stylist I needed some good basics and this one is perfect!  I love the material and the cut plus the color is unique.  STATUS: Kept.

stitch-fix-december-market-spruce-sam-hilo-tee stitch-fix-december-henry-belle-skinny-jean-sam-hilo-tee

Jules Smith Fringe Pendant Necklace

I’ve been on the hunt for a necklace with fringe or a tassel but haven’t liked the basic options I’ve come across.  This one is perfect.  It’s gorgeous in person (I’ve gotten compliments every time I wear it) and instantly makes any basic outfit much more stylish.  It was a little out of my normal price range, but I had told my stylist Katy that would be ok if it was something she thought I would really like (and I did).  STATUS: Kept.



Henry & Belle coated skinny jeans

I absolutely LOVED the coated jeans she sent me in my November Fix and told her to send me another pair if she could find them in another color.  These pants are what she sent me, olive green coated skinnies with moto style zippers.  I normally don’t do earth tones but for some reason when I put these pants on with tall boots, I feel like a rockstar.  These are pricey for me for a pair of jeans, but since I was keeping all 5 items, I got the Keep all 25% discount so I decided they were worth it.  STATUS: Kept.


Skies are Blue Fringe Detail Poncho

And now for the star of the fix!  I spotted this poncho on someone else’s pinterest board and added it to mine literally days before Katy styled my fix.  So when I saw it included in my box, I nearly squealed.  And Katy was so cute in her note that she said she squealed when she saw it was available.  It’s little details like that, that make this service so awesome.  Anyway, I love the print on this poncho and the fringe at the bottom.  It’s a double knit material so it’s heavy enough that it’s warm even without sleeves.  I hope to be able to use this one year round. STATUS: Kept!!!!!stitch-fix-december-skies-are-blue-fringe-detail-poncho-front stitch-fix-december-skies-are-blue-fringe-detail-poncho

Sequin Sleeve Dress

I got so excited seeing this dress in my box!  This fix actually came about a week before New Years Eve so it was absolutely perfect timing.  I hadn’t thought to ask for a New Years Eve dress, but Katy still delivered!!  I love the back slit detail and that the sequins are super fun but not overwhelming.  It’s a dress I feel like I can wear again instead of having to retire it after the champagne pops. :)  STATUS: Kept.

stitch-fix-sequin-dress-front stitch-fix-sequin-dress-back stitch-fix-sequin-dress

If you’re ready to try out your own Fix, get started by filling out your own Style Profile!

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