Stitch Fix – May 2016

Do you know about Stitch Fix?  I’m sure you do if you’ve been reading my blog, but just in case, it’s a clothing subscription service (I’m addicted to subscriptions) where a stylist picks out 5 items for you based on a style profile, ships them out to you to try on and decide what you like, then you mail back what you don’t want and keep the rest!  Easy peasy.  Super convenient for someone like me who doesn’t ever have time to go shopping and who likes getting surprises in the mail.


If you’d like to try it out, you can get started by filling out a style profile and then scheduling a fix for yourself!  Now onto my May fix.

So, I’d like to preface this Fix with the fact that even though I finally got around to adding some pins to my style inspiration pinterest board for my stylist to check out, I have been so busy that I forgot to leave a note letting her know what goodies I was hoping for this month.  So she was flying blind.  That said, she did a great job of foraging my pins on her own and picking some stuff that she thought I would enjoy.

So let’s start out with what was without a doubt in my mind, the star of the fix, the Laila Jayde Daney V-Neck Split Back Knit Top ($58). This top felt like heaven on.  And I’ve been looking for a split back top as my stylist Katy obviously noticed from my pins.  I love the v-neck and the hi-lo cut of this one.  I feel like I will be able to layer it over all kinds of items or even pair with shorts this summer.


You’re probably thinking long sleeves in summer???  Well, this is pretty lightweight and Colorado summer nights can get pretty breezy.  Plus with the back split, that breeze can flow right through.



I also love how the shape of it gives it the appearance of the ‘effortless’ half front tuck without the actual effort that it takes as seen below. haha  Combined with my Kut from the Kloth goldie flares from a previous fix and the Octavia scarf from this fix (details below), I felt super stylish and still cozy as can be. With the amount of use, the quality of the material and comfort level packed in this one shirt, it was definitely KEPT.


So about that scarf.  It’s the Octavia Raelyn Abstract Ikat Infinity Scarf ($28). I had previously had scarves checked off as an item I never want to receive from Stitch Fix as I make scarves for a living. haha.  However, I had seen some really cute spring scarf patterns being shared around from Stitch Fix so I decided to try it out.  And I’m glad I did, LOVE the colors and pattern of this scarf.  Pretty much anything neon will catch my eye.


And I mean look at the adorable Neon Coral tassels.  This one was a no brainer… KEPT.


Next up, the RD Style Arella Handkerchief Hem Dress ($78).

So this is where it starts to get tricky.  I had pinned a lot of swing and trapeze style dresses which is what I really wanted, but Katy sent a note saying she saw I had pinned several handkerchief hem dresses.  First reaction, I DID NOT!  But then I went to my pinterest board and sure enough, there it was.  A handkerchief hem dress repinned from Stitch Fix, although it was a laser cut solid bright blue and had mentioned I would prefer a different color.  This is where the note would have come in handy.  Not only am I not sold on the handkerchief hem of this, but I don’t really like the pattern and the color is bordering on navy which is one of my no’s.  I’m just not a navy kind of girl.


I admit, it’s much cuter from the back (as seen below) but you want to look just as cute walking towards someone than away and with the high waist (because of my annoying long torso), from the front I felt like I was rocking a maternity dress (And it made me look somewhat like I was hiding a baby bump that might be a slight beer bump).  You may not be able to tell in the pictures I chose, but I assure you, the above pic was the most flattering option I had.stitch-fix-rd-style-arella-handkerchief-hem-dress

This is one of those I’m wavering on.  If I keep all 5, it would technically be free with the Buy 5 discount (you get 25% off your entire order if you keep it all).  But these are the things I like to do to convince myself I can keep more clothes and would I buy it in a store for $78?  No.  So I think it will have to be… RETURNED.

So next up is another one that I feel is still up in the air.  The RD Style Goyle Off the Shoulder Tunic ($68).  Katy (my stylist) suggested I pair it with the Bancroft rose gold necklace from my March Fix (which I just tried to link and realized I never got a review up for March… bad blogger).  I’ll try to post it soon.  So I did and it does look great together.  She also suggested to pair with leggings but when you’re trying to take pictures before the sun goes down after you get home from work, you go with what you already have on…. my distressed skinnies from a fix way back and Minnetonka moccasins.


I have to admit, I wasn’t even worried about styling this one because I pulled it out of the box and was like, Nope, not me…. simply based on the material alone.  But then I put it on and thought.. ok, maybe me after all???  I mean, this simply styled outfit still looks pretty dang cute.  But does it look too ‘mom on the weekend’ for this no kids having biz owner?  Need your thoughts here!!stitch-fix-rd-style-off-the-shoulder-tunic-view2

I mean, still pretty cute from the back and I think my blue hair balances out that whole mom thing.  And it is obviously long enough to wear with leggings.  I’m thinking some of the flare leggings we’re working on in the shop might look super cute with this.stitch-fix-rd-style-off-the-shoulder-tunic-back

So you might be wondering… What’s the problem Suzanne? Well, the below picture is the problem.  The elastic at the neckline is SUPER stretchy and it made the shirt want to keep creeping up to become a regular neckline, not an off the shoulder tunic.  When it did this, not only did it make the top super scrunched, not super comfortable and reminiscent of church robes, but it also makes the top shorter and the placement of the flower embroidery at the bottom in an awkward spot (Once you see it, you can’t un-see it). However, the elastic might stretch and wear out a bit with wear and washing.  So what do you think??  Keep or return??


And then to the last piece that just totally missed the mark for me. Shoulda left a note!  The Daniel Rainn Mayra Crochet Overlay Top ($68).

This piece is black, I’ll give it that. haha.  And it’s much cuter on than expected.  However, the ‘crochet’ (I use the parentheses because nothing about this is crochet) layer is super stiff and uncomfortable and feels more like a cheap import store shirt in my opinion than something that should cost $70. I also would never work this into my spring summer wardrobe.  The cap sleeves are fairly unflattering on my recently pudgier arms and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the material will feel once the sun starts beating down while sitting on a patio. It might work as a layering piece around holidays or for someone much older than me looking for date night material, but otherwise it just doesn’t make sense for my semi-funky Colorado casual lifestyle.

Definitely RETURNED.

So there is my dilemma.  I’ve got 2 items that I LOVE, 2 items that I’m on the fence about which if I got the Buy 5 Discount might make more sense in my mind, but then 1 item that is a very emphatic NO…. so Buy 5 discount is not in my future.  Help me out!!  Keep the off the shoulder tunic?  Send it back and hold out for something more ‘me’?  I’ve got 1 day to decide.

For now, I’ll stay cozy in my new split back knit top that I couldn’t wait to wear.


Ready to sign up for your own Fix?  Please consider using my link so I can keep bringing you reviews like this!

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