New Bike Watercolors


Hey there!! I’ve been MIA but I have an excuse.

  1. I’m tired. haha.  Kinda kidding, but really, I’ve had so much going on that every time I’ve had a chance to take a break, I’ve just wanted to sit down with a glass of wine.  Or maybe, you know, clean my house every once in a while.
  2. I’ve been busy doing all sorts of exciting things that I am looking forward to telling you about.

I also have gotten the question from a few followers about if I cancelled my Stitch Fix.  Well the answer is no, I am still getting Stitch Fix every month, but I just haven’t had time to take pictures before I have to send the product back.  I will try to do a roundup of the items I’ve kept between now and my last Fix review.


For now, enjoy these fun bike watercolor blocks I just added to my Etsy store.  I have a show up in my store right now for our 4 year anniversary and these are part of that show.


tall-bike-on-wood-watercolor penny-farthing-bike-on-wood-watercolor cruiser-bike-on-wood-watercolor

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