Influenster + L’oreal Color Intensive Review

Have you heard of Influenster?? I recently saw a post from a social media influencer saying she had received some products to test from Influenster and I thought I would head over and check it out.  Basically it’s a consumer review site for beauty, home, & food products.  You can submit reviews for any product you’ve tried into a database that is searchable by other users.  So if you’re thinking of trying a new concealer or nail polish or shampoo, you can check to see what other real people thought before you spend the money.


I thought I would try it out.  I set up my profile and went thru and reviewed all the products it had waiting for me based on my profile information.  I like a LOT of stuff and answered that I had tried a LOT of stuff (thank you subscription boxes) so this took me a while… like an hour or so.  My boyfriend was laughing at me for spending so much time on a review site.  But, you don’t have to go thru all the products it suggests for you if you don’t want to or do it all at one time.  However, I’m all about freebies and trying new stuff out, so me?  I sat there and reviewed every darn thing I could.  And what do you know??  A week later I got an email saying I had been selected to try out a new product for L’oreal Paris for a new campaign!!

It was for their Color Vibrancy Intensive line and considering I color my hair ALL the time, I was like, heck yes, sign me up.  So I clicked that I was interested and waited.  I thought I would receive a little envelope with tiny samples in it, but then this box showed up!!  A full size shampoo, conditioner AND Post-color repair mask FOR FREE.  YES!  I decided that my time spent on the site had definitely been worth it. :)

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.38.01 AM

So I thought I’d share what I thought about these products with you here and you can decide whether you want to check them out yourself.

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive SHAMPOO:  So I have to say with full honesty that I have become a little of a salon product snob as far as hair care for the past few years, but having recently decided to stop spending so much money on my hair (really, it’s a ridiculously expensive habit), I pushed my salon snob aside and decided to try this out full force.  I really liked the lather on this shampoo (you don’t get that much out of the Paul Mitchell ones I normally use), the smell was decent but the way my hair felt after was what was amazing.  Seriously like silk.  This shampoo does have sulfates and I’m not quite sure what that does to your hair but all I know is all my salon friends are all anti-sulfates, so that mentally set me off a little bit.  And it did wash out my fashion color a little more than the Paul Mitchell.  I’m guessing it’s intended to help protect the L’Oreal box colors which I used to use (Feria Black Cherry to be exact. haha), however it was my first time washing my hair after new color which tends to wash out more each time anyway, so I feel like I would need a side by side test to know for sure.  All in all for the price and the quality, I really like it.

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive CONDITIONER: This stuff made my hair SO SOFT.  I know I said my hair felt like silk in the shampoo review, but it’s probably this stuff that really did the job.  However, my hair felt kinda lightweight or thin after it was dry.  I’m wondering if this is where the sulfates come into play?? (Hairstylists feel free to chime in).  I know I’ve been told to stay away from Pantene because it strips all the natural oils from your hair and then fills it back in.  I’m hoping this stuff doesn’t do the same cause I really like it. :)

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Repair Mask: This stuff is just as good as the others.  It also helped weigh my hair back down in a way, so I’m kinda considering using it every time I wash my hair since I don’t wash it that often.  You guys might be like, why would you want to weigh your hair down? haha, but my hair has a tendency to get BIG and I mean a little too much volume naturally, so I need it to not go all Dolly Parton on me.  Not sure if this stuff has the dreaded sulfates too.

Overall review??  I might have to do a little research on what exactly the big scary sulfates do to your hair before I’m all in, but all in all I really liked the product and it fits my new “don’t spend your entire income on your hair” budget.

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