38 before 38

Gonna have to start making some of these items easier to attain as that number keeps climbing!! :)

BDAY DEADLINE: 8/6/19 — Updated 6/7/19

  1. Grow Akinz Instagram to 12.5K
  2. Grow Akinz wholesale to 40 accounts
  3. Ride my mountain bike at least 3x/month. (This is a 3-peat)
  4. Pay off my credit card debt.
  5. Ride my bike to work at least 1x/week. (52 total)
  6. Paint downstairs Also did this this weekend!  Re-did the trim in a cool toned brown and painting the railing black.  Looks totally different!
  7. Make fireplace accent wall
  8. Ride the Shoreline staircase
  9. Ride Pikes Peak OR hike Longs Peak
  10. Hike another 14er
  11. Pick something from my “Stuff to Make” board
  12. See the sand dunes.
  13. Write a card to someone I care about 1x/month
  14. Finish painting my office Finished this weekend, painted it in “Rio Sky” and I love it. :)
  15. Organize office shelves & hang lights
  16. Go splitboarding
  17. Replace trees if they don’t come back in spring.  If they make it, add borders! . Replaced the cherry tree & apple tree with an espaliered apple tree with SIX different varieties!!  And added borders. BONUS. haha
  18. Grow Akinz online sales to match or beat 2016 numbers.
  19. Take Dana rock climbing
  20. Finish Bri’s blanket. Bri got her blanket finally! :)
  21. Make my chatbooks prints into a wall hanging. SERIOUSLY
  22. Re-do the back deck
  23. Meditate 1x a week.
  24. Run 1x a week.
  25. Go to Glendo Reservoir
  26. Get back out on my dirtbike
  27. Get our shiba puppy
  28. Re-do bedroom colors.  DONE and DONE.  New teal comforter and white and navy sheets.
  29. Take another class
  30. Find a group of peers to meet with
  31. Go to Fruita to MTB
  32. Fix work e-mail (switch to Gmail accounts) DONE!!!!  Man that feels good.
  33. Custom Akinz hoods (either knit accents or cut & sew)
  34. Finish Marie Forleo course.
  35. Choose date. / location for wedding. Orrrr…. we just decided to get married. haha.
  36. Make or buy footstool for downstairs Got a super cute flokati one from World Market.
  37. Use my Tru Fit gym membership!
  38. Read Profit First book and take action. Read, and did assessment and started separating profit, but haven’t figured out best way to set up accounts still.