37 before 37

BDAY Deadline: 8/6/2018. I’m letting myself have until the 14th (when I posted this list. hahaha)

  1. Add shelf above kitchen sink window.
  2. HIKE HANGING LAKE!!  — 3rd time’s a charm for this one!  BOOM!  Finally!  And it was gorgeous!  Stopped on our drive back from Las Vegas so we were a wee bit tired, but totally worth it.
  3. Complete my 100 day project
  4. Grow Akinz wholesale to 40 accounts.
  5. Swim in the ocean! (And it has to be warm!! haha) . February VACAY to Sayulita!  Was exactly what I needed.
  6.  Make Akinz socks!   DONE!  We made narwhal socks and beer socks and there’s one more style on the way!  So happy!!
  7.  Pick one thing from my Stuff to Make board to create!. Did this and then some!  Got obsessed with making bath bombs and scrubs + made some mugs. :)
  8. Pick one project from my Crochet board to make just for fun for myself!  Made some crochet baskets!  Gave a couple as gifts but kept one for myself for my keys, etc.
  9. Add another $500 to my emergency savings ($1000 total)
  10. Host a craft night with friends. Had Michelle over for bath bombs a couple times. :)
  11. Ride my mountain bike at least 3x/month. (This is a repeat from last year & I didn’t make it, this year I want to blow it out of the water but I’m going to keep it ‘attainable’)
  12. Add the borders around the fruit trees in the back. Sooo… between the hail and extreme heat this year, I think the 2 new trees died. :(. Waiting for spring to see if we need to pull them.
  13. Visit Bridal Veil Falls (and top it off with a beer at Casey Brewing)
  14. Experiment with a new art medium
  15. Make a new kitchen mat. (The wine cork mat is just plain beat up at this point)
  16. Go split boarding. – I got a splitboard kit for xmas but no board yet, this winter!
  17.  Pay off my credit card debt. – Not even close.  This year was hard on my wallet. ha.  Keeping it on there.
  18. Finish Bri’s blanket.  –>
  19. Make gemstone soaps. Check!  This was actually my least favorite of all my soap/beauty projects in the end but still fun.
  20. Complete the store’s checkout update.
  21. Stomp grapes at a winery. (or have a trip planned to do so if dates are off)
  22. Make my chatbooks prints into a wall hanging.  –>
  23. Custom Akinz hoodies.
  24. Ride my bike to work at least 1x/week (52 total)  –>
  25. Use my CycleBar class passes.
  26. Continue using my bullet journal for another year & work on remembering to fill in experiences. Easiest thing to maintain.  I have become dependent on this thing!
  27. Send a card to my parents at least 3x/year. (Making it easier on myself this time).
  28. Switch the store system back to Square or switch both web & store to something that communicates.  DONE!  The connection for inventory is a bit glitchy, but it is what it is for now.  May end up switching again.
  29. Organize my home office.  –>
  30. Take a class.
  31. Hike a 14er (another 3rd time’s a charm here). We didn’t hike, we biked!  Mountain biked Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado!
  32. Learn to appreciate what I have.  No idea how i’m going to measure this, but want it on here.
  33. Work on building up Amazon sales or cancel. CANCELLED. haha
  34. Grow @akinzboardwear Instagram to over 12.5K yowza that algorithm threw us for a loop. Sitting right around 9K still, will keep 12.5K in my sights.
  35. Go to an out of state market / event for Akinz.  This is planned for October!  Dallas Ski Expo
  36. Find an affordable life coach or a career mentor.
  37. Do another race.  Not restricting it to type, either mtn bike, fun run or 1/2, whatever.  Just something to get me focused and motivated!