36 before 36

BDAY Deadline: 8/6/2017 – UPDATED 7/19/2017

  1. Go on a trip to a foreign country! (shooting for NYE / Dana’s bday) – Went to New Zealand in February!!
  2. Book tickets or at least plan dates for next trip.  Girls trip to Portland & Seattle in September!  Woot!
  3. Contribute to this blog at least once a week.  Definitely didn’t do this.  But I also decided that I want this to be a creative outlet when I need it, not another obligation, so I’m leaving this one off the list next year.
  4. Write a card to my parents once a month. Not a single card written.  I’m gonna add this one on, but lower my expectations. haha
  5. Grow Akinz wholesale to 36 accounts. We’ve added 7 new accounts!  Put together a Best Sellers line sheet to help with this in the future.
  6.  Find a US based manufacturer to take on at least one task we currently execute in house for Akinz.  Found a manufacturer for our new line of leggings.  Check them out, the leggings are made from recycled water bottles!!!
  7.  Make another batch of wine. (or maybe 2 haha). Bought the kit.  It’s sitting in my office.  I will do it soon. :)
  8. Pay down at least 1/2 of my credit card debt. (Be on track to pay off by June 2018 or sooner). – Got a little derailed on this one (Plane tickets to New Zealand.  Sooooo worth it though.)  
  9. Put $500 into an emergency savings. – Had to use this once already. Good thing it was there!  Back up to $500.
  10. Learn to play a full song on the ukulele.  Haven’t picked this thing up once.  Trying to evaluate if it’s something I actually want to do.
  11. Climb a 14er.  This didn’t happen, but not for lack of trying.  Every weekend I wasn’t working, the weather wasn’t cooperative.  Didn’t want to die via lightning strike just to cross it off the list.
  12. Visit a state I haven’t been to before.
  13. Complete a 30 day Instagram art challenge – Did 11 days of March meet the Maker then I got busy. FAIL.
  14. Complete a 2nd 30 day Instagram challenge for either art, photography, or illustration
  15. Complete a 30 day fitness challenge (abs, squats, etc)  Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge!
  16.  Read (or listen to) 12 books from my reading list.
  17. Try making hard cider or mead.  Tried making a makeshift recipe for mead.  It got you drunk, but it was not pleasant to drink. haha.  Gonna try hard cider next.
  18. Ride my mountain bike at least 3x/month. (I know this sounds puny but I barely got out on my bike last year.) – So this has not happened which makes me so sad.  I’ve ridden 16 times since my last birthday which is only about 1.5x / month.  Will keep this goal the same for next year and make more of an effort to schedule time outside of work.
  19. Go on Yurt Trip for Tom’s birthday
  20. Finish kitchen remodel. – Giving us credit for this one.  It was completely finished then I decided I wanted to switch out the electric plates.  We’ll put them back on this week.
  21. Host a dinner party when the kitchen is complete.  Bottles & Bombers tasting party.  I made a 6′ charcuterie board and it was everything I dreamed it could be.
  22. Finish building the raised bed garden. We added a big box this year, but of course now I want to add more.  However, we completed the original plan, so crossing this one off for now.
  23. Use a bullet journal for the whole year. – Yep, did this!  And still going strong, although it’s still not a habit to post at end of day.  I lost it for 3 days and I was completely unmotivated at work. haha.  I believe it has become a part of me.
  24. Make my Chatbooks prints into a wall hanging.  Didn’t do this.  Found a stick to use and bought clamps.  Just need to sit down and make it happen.  Adding to the new list.
  25. Ride a black diamond downhill trail (mountain biking) or comparable cross-country trail. Rode Goat Trail at Happy Jack!  Had to walk some parts but felt pretty proud of myself
  26. Hike Hanging Lake.  STILL DIDN’T DO THIS. haha.  Adding to this year’s list for 3rd time.
  27. Go see a play in Fort Collins.   – Saw Rent in December with Heather!  20th anniversary tour. So good.
  28. Try something macrame or weaving.  This is one of those things I’m trying to decide if I actually want to do or just think I should do.
  29. Make a pot hanger for my ‘Owl-oe’ & hang by window.  See above. haha
  30. Do a Fun Run (Color Run, Inflatable 5k, etc).  This goes in line with the no weekends off this summer theme.  Not feeling bad about it.
  31. Get to 75% fluency in Spanish according to DuoLingo app.  I lost steam on this goal after we decided to go to New Zealand instead of Mexico.  Still want to work on this though so I may add to next year.
  32. Redo our bedroom colors (sheets, bedspread, etc) Gray bedspread and white and gray sheets! Love it.  Think I still need a headboard and throw pillow
  33. Have a ‘sit-down’ lunch at least 1x / week.  haha not even close.  I marked off 5 days total.  With a full time employee during the day this year, I could see myself actually enjoying lunch a little more.  We will see.
  34. Run a 1/2 marathon Haven’t done great on running, but signed up for the Run the Year challenge with my neighbor.  Hopefully it will kick me into high gear.