35 before 35

LAST UPDATED: 6/17/2016

BDAY Deadline: 8/6/2016

  1. Run a marathonFINISHER! Beat my goal with a time of 4:25:39 at the Surfer’s Path Marathon in Santa Cruz May 22nd!!
  2. Have another art show (which means I have to make more art).Participated in 2 Yart Sales 2 group shows at Akinz:  “Monsters & Creatures” and “Frosty”. 
  3. Ride my bike to work more (even in the winter). – Just got a new commuter bike for Christmas, so I have high hopes for my future record. :)
  4. Finish wine cork mat (this has been on my todo list for about 4 years)DONE!!  Just finished last night!  Check out my finished DIY Wine Cork Kitchen Mat.
  5. Book airplane tickets to Europe – Europe trip is getting delayed due to mine and Dana’s work schedules.  Need to figure out a replacement trip.
  6. Contribute to this blog at least once a week. – I’m getting better at this.  Christmas was rough.
  7. Write a card to someone I care about once a month.
  8. Go down the ‘staircase’ on Blue Sky. I kinda feel like I cheated in crossing this one off as they did trail maintenance and filled it in.  It’s a lot easier now, but I did it! 
  9. Pay off my credit card debt. Current status: 32.8% of debt paid off.
  10. Re-develop an exercise ‘habit’ and make it part of my lifestyle. Marathon training counts, right??
  11. Learn how to play the ukulele. – Need to find someone to give me lessons!!
  12. Climb a 14er.
  13. Visit a state I haven’t been to before.
  14. Set up an etsy for my watercolors & crafts and maintain it. – DONE!!  Go visit Pineapple Smiles Etsy
  15. Make a cardigan on the knitting machine. – DONE!!  I’ll post a pic soon.  Going to make another with edited pattern, but I LOVE the first!
  16. Read (or listen to) 10 books from my reading list.
  17. Drink more water. – Getting better at this!
  18. Try making my own tofu.  – DONE!! View my how to / tofu recipe & explanation.
  19. Put systems in place at Akinz so that all daily tasks can be completed without me (and my computer). 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  We’re getting there.
  20. ‘Unplug’ more frequently.
  21. Learn to finish one project before starting another.
  22. Host a dinner party, complete with decorations, courses, & cocktails.
  23. Finish building the raised bed garden.
  24. Be more organized.
  25. Add average of 1 wholesale account per month (12 total for the year). – Added 2 so far
  26. Ride a black diamond downhill trail.
  27. Hike Hanging Lake
  28. Go see a play in Fort Collins.
  29. Establish an emergency fund savings account. (2 months living expenses)
  30. Eliminate all unnecessary stock and supplies at Akinz. – SOOOOO close to crossing this off.
  31. Do a Fun Run (Color Run, Inflatable 5k, etc)
  32. Brush up on my Spanish & French on DuoLingo app. – been focusing on Spanish, 35% Fluency!
  33. Learn some basic Italian.
  34. Have a ‘sit-down’ lunch at least 1x / week.
  35. Learn to enjoy downtime and relaxation. I don’t know if I can officially cross this one off, but man it’s all I want lately, life has been too exhausting!!