PopSugar April Sneak Peek!

I’ve been so busy that I finally opened both my February and March must have boxes at the same time this past Tuesday when I finally had a day off.  So many fun goodies, but when you don’t rip into it the day you get it, it loses some of the excitement.  HOWEVER, I just received this sneak peek today of the April box and I am SO EXCITED!

April Pop Sugar Must Have Sneak Peek

For me, Spring is exciting because of gardening, entertaining, flowers and fresh produce.  So to have this adorable cutting board and serving board coming my way, just amps up that excitement!!  If this is the teaser product, I just can’t wait to see what else the box has in store!!


If you want to sign up for your own Must Have Box (my favorite subscription box), please consider using my referral link so I can potentially get free boxes in the future!

Influenster + L’oreal Color Intensive Review

Have you heard of Influenster?? I recently saw a post from a social media influencer saying she had received some products to test from Influenster and I thought I would head over and check it out.  Basically it’s a consumer review site for beauty, home, & food products.  You can submit reviews for any product you’ve tried into a database that is searchable by other users.  So if you’re thinking of trying a new concealer or nail polish or shampoo, you can check to see what other real people thought before you spend the money.


I thought I would try it out.  I set up my profile and went thru and reviewed all the products it had waiting for me based on my profile information.  I like a LOT of stuff and answered that I had tried a LOT of stuff (thank you subscription boxes) so this took me a while… like an hour or so.  My boyfriend was laughing at me for spending so much time on a review site.  But, you don’t have to go thru all the products it suggests for you if you don’t want to or do it all at one time.  However, I’m all about freebies and trying new stuff out, so me?  I sat there and reviewed every darn thing I could.  And what do you know??  A week later I got an email saying I had been selected to try out a new product for L’oreal Paris for a new campaign!!

It was for their Color Vibrancy Intensive line and considering I color my hair ALL the time, I was like, heck yes, sign me up.  So I clicked that I was interested and waited.  I thought I would receive a little envelope with tiny samples in it, but then this box showed up!!  A full size shampoo, conditioner AND Post-color repair mask FOR FREE.  YES!  I decided that my time spent on the site had definitely been worth it. :)

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.38.01 AM

So I thought I’d share what I thought about these products with you here and you can decide whether you want to check them out yourself.

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive SHAMPOO:  So I have to say with full honesty that I have become a little of a salon product snob as far as hair care for the past few years, but having recently decided to stop spending so much money on my hair (really, it’s a ridiculously expensive habit), I pushed my salon snob aside and decided to try this out full force.  I really liked the lather on this shampoo (you don’t get that much out of the Paul Mitchell ones I normally use), the smell was decent but the way my hair felt after was what was amazing.  Seriously like silk.  This shampoo does have sulfates and I’m not quite sure what that does to your hair but all I know is all my salon friends are all anti-sulfates, so that mentally set me off a little bit.  And it did wash out my fashion color a little more than the Paul Mitchell.  I’m guessing it’s intended to help protect the L’Oreal box colors which I used to use (Feria Black Cherry to be exact. haha), however it was my first time washing my hair after new color which tends to wash out more each time anyway, so I feel like I would need a side by side test to know for sure.  All in all for the price and the quality, I really like it.

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive CONDITIONER: This stuff made my hair SO SOFT.  I know I said my hair felt like silk in the shampoo review, but it’s probably this stuff that really did the job.  However, my hair felt kinda lightweight or thin after it was dry.  I’m wondering if this is where the sulfates come into play?? (Hairstylists feel free to chime in).  I know I’ve been told to stay away from Pantene because it strips all the natural oils from your hair and then fills it back in.  I’m hoping this stuff doesn’t do the same cause I really like it. :)

L’oreal Color Vibrancy Repair Mask: This stuff is just as good as the others.  It also helped weigh my hair back down in a way, so I’m kinda considering using it every time I wash my hair since I don’t wash it that often.  You guys might be like, why would you want to weigh your hair down? haha, but my hair has a tendency to get BIG and I mean a little too much volume naturally, so I need it to not go all Dolly Parton on me.  Not sure if this stuff has the dreaded sulfates too.

Overall review??  I might have to do a little research on what exactly the big scary sulfates do to your hair before I’m all in, but all in all I really liked the product and it fits my new “don’t spend your entire income on your hair” budget.

Stitch Fix Review – September 2016

Still in the dark about Stitch Fix?  If so, the short story is that it’s a clothing subscription service (I’m addicted to subscriptions) where a stylist picks out 5 items for you based on a style profile, ships them out to you to try on and decide what you like, then you mail back what you don’t want and keep the rest!  Easy peasy.  Super convenient for someone like me who doesn’t ever have time to go shopping and who likes getting surprises in the mail.

If you’d like to try it out, you can get started by filling out a style profile and then scheduling a fix for yourself!

However, I know you’re here to see what I got in this month’s box, so let’s check out the pics!!  First up is the star of this month’s box, the RD Style Dalles Side Slit Knit Top shown below with my Kut from the Kloth Goldie flares I got in another fix.  Those flares by the way have probably gotten the most wear out of anything I’ve ever kept from Stitch Fix.  I definitely recommend!!!


I absolutely love the high split on the side.  I’ve worn it both layered over a tank or with leggings and no tank underneath and it is just perfect either way.  It’s not too revealing without an under layer, just a hint of skin to add a little interest to a fall essential.  I can see myself pairing this with any number of leggings because of the simple slub pattern and will go great with a bright colored scarf this fall. Definitely KEPT this one!!stitch-fix-rd-style-dalles-side-slit-knit-top-back


Next up is the Market & Spruce Carly Graphic Print Cardigan.  The pattern on this was really cute but I wasn’t a fan of the bulky feel of the sweater.  It’s a double layer which makes a cool 2-sided effect, but it also didn’t drape that nicely because of the weight.  Also, I’m huge on the comfort and softness of my clothing (especially in a sweater!!) and this felt slightly itchy against my neck and arms so it was SENT BACK.


I keep asking my stylist for shoes and I had requested fall booties this time so she sent me the Report Footwear Barb Perforated Peep Toe Bootie.  These unfortunately just didn’t do it for me at all.  I know the peep toe bootie is in style this fall, but here in Colorado, there might be 2 weeks out of the year that you could wear these practically and I’m not willing to pay a premium for something with that limited of a window.  Plus the way the top perforated part sat against my calves was something less than desirable… hence the footless shoe photo.  Definitely SENT BACK.

The other item I had requested in this month’s fix was a plaid flannel top.  Katy followed thru with the Laju Omaha Two Pocket Top.  It has a bit of a hi-lo feel to it which I normally like, but the result on the flannel was that it made it feel boxy in the front.  Plus it has a somewhat v-neck cut to it and I really was just hoping for a plain old traditional flannel.  Also seeing that this is something I foresaw being worn in the mountains or tied around my waist, the white fabric was definitely doomed.  Verdict: SENT BACK  I’ve pinned some examples of the type of flannel I’m looking for and have high hopes for next fix! :)

The other item you can spot in these photos is the Pistola Niki Released Hem Crop Jean.  These were cute, they were comfy (although a bit tight on me) and I really liked the released hem detail.  However, this fell in the same category for me as peep toe booties.  They’re something I could only really see myself wearing in spring or summer and they weren’t quite short enough or long enough to pair with booties without giving me a weird dissected leg look.  Seeing them in the pictures here from the back makes me wonder if I should have kept them, but looking at the picture from the front, I feel like my legs look even shorter than normal and I’m glad that they were SENT BACK

So that does it for my September fix!!  I am absolutely in love with the RD Style Side Split top.  I highly recommend requesting it if you’re looking for a good fall basic or winter layer with a little something extra!!  I’ve already worn mine several times. :)

Ready to sign up to try out your own Fix?  Please consider using my link and I will get credit towards clothes for myself! :)

PopSugar Must Have Fall Sneak Peek

Ok. Ok. I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy the Fall Limited Edition box… not that I didn’t think it would be great because my Summer box was amazing.  But I’m supposed to be saving for vacation.


BUT… Did you see the sneak peek they sent out today?  I mean, I just can’t. not. buy.  $100 limited edition box of at least 5 items and one of them is a GORGEOUS rose gold and white set of nice headphones worth $149?  I’m considering it a vacation expense… I mean I can use the headphones on the plane! 😉

PopSugar Must Have fall limited edition

If you decide you want to order this awesome box, please use my referral link so I can get credit towards a future box!  And let me know that you ordered so we can have company waiting in anticipation for what other awesomeness is on our way!!

New Bike Watercolors


Hey there!! I’ve been MIA but I have an excuse.

  1. I’m tired. haha.  Kinda kidding, but really, I’ve had so much going on that every time I’ve had a chance to take a break, I’ve just wanted to sit down with a glass of wine.  Or maybe, you know, clean my house every once in a while.
  2. I’ve been busy doing all sorts of exciting things that I am looking forward to telling you about.

I also have gotten the question from a few followers about if I cancelled my Stitch Fix.  Well the answer is no, I am still getting Stitch Fix every month, but I just haven’t had time to take pictures before I have to send the product back.  I will try to do a roundup of the items I’ve kept between now and my last Fix review.


For now, enjoy these fun bike watercolor blocks I just added to my Etsy store.  I have a show up in my store right now for our 4 year anniversary and these are part of that show.


tall-bike-on-wood-watercolor penny-farthing-bike-on-wood-watercolor cruiser-bike-on-wood-watercolor

Surfers Path Marathon!

For anyone who read my 35 before 35 list, you’ll see right there at the top of the list at #1 was Run a Marathon.  I’ve been an off and on runner my whole life.  I ran cross-country and track competitively, was a dutiful team captain and then when high school ended, so did my running career, or at least for a bit.  I just stopped running.


But then a year or 2 later I decided I would just start running again and so I did.  And so it has gone in a cycle like that ever since high school.  I get really into running and then suddenly I’m done, but I always hate that I quit after I do which is why I added to make exercise a habit in my lifestyle again to my list and to Run a Marathon.  I think running a marathon is on almost every runner’s todo list… just to know that they can do it, to accomplish it in life and not just in their brain… thinking or saying, I know I could….  Plus, I knew that if I signed up for a marathon, there would be no way around running.  You can’t just wake up one day and run a marathon, you have to prep for it.

I might have weaseled my way out of this one still if my crazy cousin who has a lifelong bucket list item to run a marathon in every state hadn’t convinced me to pick one out with her and sign up.  So we did!  We chose the Surfers Path Marathon in Santa Cruz, California which was absolutely gorgeous.  It was however a fairly low-key race without a big expo and whatnot so my cousin thinks I need to run another one to get the ‘full’ experience.  I’m not opposed.

So I did it!  Not only did I finish, but I beat my goal and had an overall time of 4:25:39  (My goal was under 4 1/2 hours). That’s a 10:08 minute mile pace for 26.2 miles!  And I know I could do better next time cause my last 2 miles were cooking. 😉

Surfer's Path marathon finisher

At the finish line with my cheering squad.

My poor brother broke his foot right before our trip so he was hobbling around like that the whole time.  We also made time to check out the nearby redwoods and take advantage of my brother’s Wine Director job to head to Ridge Vineyards for a private tasting!

Standing inside a redwood.

Standing inside a redwood.

At the top of the 'ridge' of Ridge Vineyards.

At the top of the ‘ridge’ of Ridge Vineyards.

So… I can officially cross Run a Marathon off the list.  But there are still a lot more items to go and less than 2 full months left.  It may end up being 35 before 35.5.  We will see….

PopSugar Must Have Summer Box Sneak Peek

Ok.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to give in and buy the Summer Limited Edition box from Pop Sugar (even though I LOVE their special edition boxes) since I’m trying to work on scratching off #9 on my 35 before 35 list (pay off cc debt).  BUT… then they posted a sneak peek of this gorgeous round beach towel that will be included in every box and I just can’t not get it. haha.  I have been wanting a round towel and this piece by itself is worth almost the whole cost of the box!!



They are shipping these out on June 14th, so if you want your own summer box, get it now.  And I promise to reveal the box when I get it!!  I may even get over my video phobia and do a unboxing for you. :) Maybe.

Stitch Fix – May 2016

Do you know about Stitch Fix?  I’m sure you do if you’ve been reading my blog, but just in case, it’s a clothing subscription service (I’m addicted to subscriptions) where a stylist picks out 5 items for you based on a style profile, ships them out to you to try on and decide what you like, then you mail back what you don’t want and keep the rest!  Easy peasy.  Super convenient for someone like me who doesn’t ever have time to go shopping and who likes getting surprises in the mail.


If you’d like to try it out, you can get started by filling out a style profile and then scheduling a fix for yourself!  Now onto my May fix.

So, I’d like to preface this Fix with the fact that even though I finally got around to adding some pins to my style inspiration pinterest board for my stylist to check out, I have been so busy that I forgot to leave a note letting her know what goodies I was hoping for this month.  So she was flying blind.  That said, she did a great job of foraging my pins on her own and picking some stuff that she thought I would enjoy.

So let’s start out with what was without a doubt in my mind, the star of the fix, the Laila Jayde Daney V-Neck Split Back Knit Top ($58). This top felt like heaven on.  And I’ve been looking for a split back top as my stylist Katy obviously noticed from my pins.  I love the v-neck and the hi-lo cut of this one.  I feel like I will be able to layer it over all kinds of items or even pair with shorts this summer.


You’re probably thinking long sleeves in summer???  Well, this is pretty lightweight and Colorado summer nights can get pretty breezy.  Plus with the back split, that breeze can flow right through.



I also love how the shape of it gives it the appearance of the ‘effortless’ half front tuck without the actual effort that it takes as seen below. haha  Combined with my Kut from the Kloth goldie flares from a previous fix and the Octavia scarf from this fix (details below), I felt super stylish and still cozy as can be. With the amount of use, the quality of the material and comfort level packed in this one shirt, it was definitely KEPT.


So about that scarf.  It’s the Octavia Raelyn Abstract Ikat Infinity Scarf ($28). I had previously had scarves checked off as an item I never want to receive from Stitch Fix as I make scarves for a living. haha.  However, I had seen some really cute spring scarf patterns being shared around from Stitch Fix so I decided to try it out.  And I’m glad I did, LOVE the colors and pattern of this scarf.  Pretty much anything neon will catch my eye.


And I mean look at the adorable Neon Coral tassels.  This one was a no brainer… KEPT.


Next up, the RD Style Arella Handkerchief Hem Dress ($78).

So this is where it starts to get tricky.  I had pinned a lot of swing and trapeze style dresses which is what I really wanted, but Katy sent a note saying she saw I had pinned several handkerchief hem dresses.  First reaction, I DID NOT!  But then I went to my pinterest board and sure enough, there it was.  A handkerchief hem dress repinned from Stitch Fix, although it was a laser cut solid bright blue and had mentioned I would prefer a different color.  This is where the note would have come in handy.  Not only am I not sold on the handkerchief hem of this, but I don’t really like the pattern and the color is bordering on navy which is one of my no’s.  I’m just not a navy kind of girl.


I admit, it’s much cuter from the back (as seen below) but you want to look just as cute walking towards someone than away and with the high waist (because of my annoying long torso), from the front I felt like I was rocking a maternity dress (And it made me look somewhat like I was hiding a baby bump that might be a slight beer bump).  You may not be able to tell in the pictures I chose, but I assure you, the above pic was the most flattering option I had.stitch-fix-rd-style-arella-handkerchief-hem-dress

This is one of those I’m wavering on.  If I keep all 5, it would technically be free with the Buy 5 discount (you get 25% off your entire order if you keep it all).  But these are the things I like to do to convince myself I can keep more clothes and would I buy it in a store for $78?  No.  So I think it will have to be… RETURNED.

So next up is another one that I feel is still up in the air.  The RD Style Goyle Off the Shoulder Tunic ($68).  Katy (my stylist) suggested I pair it with the Bancroft rose gold necklace from my March Fix (which I just tried to link and realized I never got a review up for March… bad blogger).  I’ll try to post it soon.  So I did and it does look great together.  She also suggested to pair with leggings but when you’re trying to take pictures before the sun goes down after you get home from work, you go with what you already have on…. my distressed skinnies from a fix way back and Minnetonka moccasins.


I have to admit, I wasn’t even worried about styling this one because I pulled it out of the box and was like, Nope, not me…. simply based on the material alone.  But then I put it on and thought.. ok, maybe me after all???  I mean, this simply styled outfit still looks pretty dang cute.  But does it look too ‘mom on the weekend’ for this no kids having biz owner?  Need your thoughts here!!stitch-fix-rd-style-off-the-shoulder-tunic-view2

I mean, still pretty cute from the back and I think my blue hair balances out that whole mom thing.  And it is obviously long enough to wear with leggings.  I’m thinking some of the flare leggings we’re working on in the shop might look super cute with this.stitch-fix-rd-style-off-the-shoulder-tunic-back

So you might be wondering… What’s the problem Suzanne? Well, the below picture is the problem.  The elastic at the neckline is SUPER stretchy and it made the shirt want to keep creeping up to become a regular neckline, not an off the shoulder tunic.  When it did this, not only did it make the top super scrunched, not super comfortable and reminiscent of church robes, but it also makes the top shorter and the placement of the flower embroidery at the bottom in an awkward spot (Once you see it, you can’t un-see it). However, the elastic might stretch and wear out a bit with wear and washing.  So what do you think??  Keep or return??


And then to the last piece that just totally missed the mark for me. Shoulda left a note!  The Daniel Rainn Mayra Crochet Overlay Top ($68).

This piece is black, I’ll give it that. haha.  And it’s much cuter on than expected.  However, the ‘crochet’ (I use the parentheses because nothing about this is crochet) layer is super stiff and uncomfortable and feels more like a cheap import store shirt in my opinion than something that should cost $70. I also would never work this into my spring summer wardrobe.  The cap sleeves are fairly unflattering on my recently pudgier arms and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the material will feel once the sun starts beating down while sitting on a patio. It might work as a layering piece around holidays or for someone much older than me looking for date night material, but otherwise it just doesn’t make sense for my semi-funky Colorado casual lifestyle.

Definitely RETURNED.

So there is my dilemma.  I’ve got 2 items that I LOVE, 2 items that I’m on the fence about which if I got the Buy 5 Discount might make more sense in my mind, but then 1 item that is a very emphatic NO…. so Buy 5 discount is not in my future.  Help me out!!  Keep the off the shoulder tunic?  Send it back and hold out for something more ‘me’?  I’ve got 1 day to decide.

For now, I’ll stay cozy in my new split back knit top that I couldn’t wait to wear.


Ready to sign up for your own Fix?  Please consider using my link so I can keep bringing you reviews like this!

Stitch Fix Review – February 2016

Ok, coming at you with back to back reviews because I’ve got 2 more sets of pictures to show you and a new fix coming on Friday!! AAHHHH!!!  No, this is not because I’m scheduling a fix every week and need to be cut off. It is because I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even realize 3 months had passed by without me updating my blog!  So…. here goes.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really fun personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and then the system matches you with a stylist who hand selects 5 items to ship to you however often you want.  You can schedule just one fix or sign up for automatic fixes.  I schedule mine monthly.  I definitely recommend it.  So fun!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep bringing you content like this!

So let’s check out the clothes!

RD Style – Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho – $68

My stylist Katy definitely knows my weak points and one of those is a great poncho. All the ones I have already though are fun patterns so to see a black one in my fix got me so excited!!  So I’m sure I surprised both of us when it didn’t live up to my poncho dreams.


Sure it’s big, flowy, cozy, and an instant statement piece… all the things I adore about ponchos.  However there were a few design details that I’m sure other people love that just weren’t quite doing it for me.  First, there is a false sleeve underneath the poncho.  This is really nice as most ponchos don’t have a sleeve and therefore aren’t actually quite warm enough for a Colorado winter, but I didn’t like how it was 2 separate pieces.  I wish it either hadn’t been there or had been connected as one.

stitch-fix-february-rd-style-calandra-side-button-poncho-galaxy-leggings stitch-fix-february-rd-style-calandra-side-button-poncho

Secondly, the neckline was an overlapping v-neck type  and I wasn’t quite a fan of the way it sat while on.  Plus I like ponchos to be a little more casual than I thought the neckline felt.  Overall I just decided it wasn’t quite for me. Sorry for the galaxy legging repeat!  I’ve been living in these things.  Also, note to self, polish your boots… or buy a new pair. STATUS: Returned.

41 Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest – $68

I had seen this vest on lots of other people and was so excited to see if in my fix!  I think it’s a great wardrobe staple to have a classic vest that can go with anything.


I thought it looked so cute with my Kut from the Kloth flares (also from this fix – see below) and Long Sleeve flowy feathers top.  However, I couldn’t find anything else in my closet that it looked good with which made my dreams of the classic wardrobe staple disappear from my vision.  And it wasn’t the color… I LOVED the light gray color and the rose gold zipper. Such a fun detail!!


It was the fact that it fit kinda boxy on me.  I really think that maybe I should have sized down (surprising to me cause this is a small) but I was worried about it being too small in the chest if I did.  Plus, the real thing that bothered me was that the pockets seemed to be in a strange placement.  See it zipped up below?


I’m one of those people who definitely uses pockets.  Think Talladega Nights, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” like uses my pockets.  Plus I hate gloves.  Anyway, when I put my hands in these pockets, it felt like I was having to hold my hands up too high to make them fit.  And the pockets were too far apart.  I was worried that if I switched for an XS, that problem would only get worse.  So with a heavy heart it was…. STATUS: Returned.

Street Level Noah Braided Handle Canvas Tote – $58

What an awesome bag.  I loved the option of the regular handles (still long enough to wear on your shoulder) and the cross-body strap.  I bike to work as much as possible and a cross-body strap is almost a must have. Katy, my stylist knows this.  It also had plenty of compartments so that the small things don’t get lost like they do in a tote.


Once again though there is a but…. But, it just wasn’t my colors.  The bag is actually a little more olive than in the picture here and I don’t wear much brown, let alone light brown.  I told Katy that I was sorry for accidentally faking her out by styling the shirt dress from my January fix with a brown jacket and brown boots considering the boots were a gift and the jacket was a hand me down and I have only worn each once.


And no matter how cute the bag was especially with the outfit, I think my face says it all in this picture.  It just wasn’t… ME.  If it had been black with gray straps? Heck yes.  Teal with black straps? Even better.  I’m just not an earth tones person.  STATUS: Returned.

Kut from the Kloth – Goldie Flare Jean – $88

So by now you’ve seen these jeans a lot, but never hurts to let them shine!  I already have these jeans in another wash but I love them so much that I asked Katy to send me another pair of flares.  These just fit perfect and are so comfy.


They are long on me but perfect length with my Toms wedges (in the pic). STATUS: Kept.

Adelyn Rae – Wilma Crepe Romper – $98

This was Katy’s answer to my request for a shirt dress since they didn’t have any in stock that she thought I would like.  I thought it was super fun.


It just so happened to be a warm and sunny February day in Fort Collins when we took these pictures which was amazing, but my legs are still pasty winter white. haha.  Anyway, the color of this romper just screams Spring!  And I thought it looked super cute from the front.  I wasn’t crazy about the view from the back though (picture not available hahaha).  I have some curves in that department and I felt like it was a little too fitted.


Secondly, this romper is $98.  I mean, the fabric is really nice and I’m not saying that it’s not worth $98 but most of the time when I’m wearing a romper it’s when I’m gardening, running around town or sitting on the patio.  I felt like this romper deserved a home that was worthy of it… someone who would take it on the beach in Miami and strut their stuff.  STATUS: Returned.


So this fix for me was a 1/5 as they say in my Stitch Fix Facebook Group, but dang do I love those flares.  And so many of the other items are almost perfect but not quite.  I might have kept them if I hadn’t asked myself the question I try to ask myself each time, would I buy this if I tried it on in a store.  Still I had a lot of fun trying on new things and sharing them with you!   If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep sharing fun reviews!

Stitch Fix Review – January 2016

When I received my February box early I realized that maybe it’s time to finish up this January Stitch Fix review and get it posted before I start trying on new goodies!!!  If you haven’t noticed a pattern, I’m a little behind these days.  But it’s because there are big things on the horizon. 😉

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a really fun personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and then the system matches you with a stylist who hand selects 5 items to ship to you however often you want.  You can schedule just one fix or sign up for automatic fixes.  I schedule mine monthly.  I definitely recommend it.  So fun!  If you decide to sign up, please consider using my referral link so I can keep bringing you content like this!

On to the good stuff!!

Doe & Rae Darrington Mixed Media Asymmetrical Knit Top – $58

This is not a top I ever would have picked out for myself at the store especially for the price and even when I pulled it out of the box, my mind went… NOPE.  However, I put it on and it was soooo flattering! And it was comfortable!


I decided it was worth the price as it would be a staple piece for future outfits.  Jeans?  Yep, it goes with that as seen above.  Galaxy leggings and leather jacket for a Marilyn Minter art gallery show as seen below??  Yep, it goes with that.  The pencil skirt I got from Stitch Fix back in September?  Yep…. IT GOES WITH THAT.  STATUS: Kept.


Dreamers – Puerta Pointelle Detail Cowl Neck Pullover – $68

I had been asking my stylist Katy for an oversized sweater for ages and she finally found one!  I loved the feel of this sweater and the pointelle knit details.  However, I’m cursed with long arms and a long torso therefore this oversized sweater was not only not oversized there, but too short.  I knew the sleeves would bug me and the fact that it was kinda just regular sweater length on me but wide was awkward as well.


I considered keeping it until I saw these pictures and saw how much bigger it made me look than I actually am.  Curse my windmill arms and torso.  STATUS: Returnedstitch-fix-dreamers-pointelle-cowl-oversize-sweater

Skies are Blue – Cyrus Button Front Mixed Material Cardigan – $54

I had millions of floral bomber jackets pinned on my Pinterest style board and Stitch Fix hadn’t had any of them in stock.  So Katy finally found this floral cardigan to try to satisfy my Pinterest obsession.

stitch-fix-skies-are-blue-cyrus-floral-cardigan-front stitch-fix-skies-are-blue-cyrus-floral-cardigan

However, I don’t really like the cut of traditional cardigans and I might have neglected to tell Katy that I gave in and bought a floral bomber jacket from Fabletics the month before.  STATUS: Returned

Skies are Blue – Vernetta Dress – $58

Once again Pinterest made this dress happen and Katy obviously does a great job of paying attention to my Pinterest board.  I’d been pinning all kinds of shirt dresses and she commented on that in her note.  I really liked the fit of this dress and the print of the fabric.  I could see wearing this dress all summer.


However, it had an embroidery detail on it that I felt didn’t match up with the style of the dress for me.  Instead of embroidery directly onto the dress, it was a pre-fab embroidered ribbon and it just cheapened the whole look for me.  Plus it threw off the whole basic look of the outfit for me.  I knew it would keep me from grabbing it when I was perusing the closet.  STATUS: Returned

stitch-fix-january-skies-are-blue-vernetta-dress-front stitch-fix-january-skies-are-blue-vernetta-dress

Zad – Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff – $28

I thought this piece was super fun and simple.  I don’t wear a lot of gold so I didn’t already have any gold bracelets.  And the price was great so this was a no brainer. STATUS – Kept


And look how cute the print on the fabric of that dress was!!  I wish it didn’t have the little embroidered ribbon!!  ugh!  Overall I really loved this fix.  There were a lot of close calls and fit issues.  I also feel like keeping (AND LOVING) 2 new items out of 5 sent to me by a stranger who has never met me is pretty incredible.  I love this service and getting a new box of surprises each month!  Thanks Katy!!  If you want to try out Stitch Fix, please use my referral link so I can keep bringing you new reviews! :)